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If you decide to JOIN THE VIP Club we will send you 4 Lay Tips every morning between  Monday to Saturday every week. You will receive your VIP Club Lay tips between 9am and 12 noon


All VIP Club Lay Tips will be advised at an SP of 7/2 or lower, at the time of sending the morning email. We would just like to mention that the SP can in some cases stray out or shorten in the time it takes to send the email, we don’t have any control over this.


We are one of the few services that offer Lay Tips with such low SP’s. The upsides of laying horses with a low SP is that you are minimising your losses should the selection win its race. 


Please take a look at The Pension Pot System on the website. This is a Tried and Tested System designed to help you make the most of your VIP Club Lay Tips.

We would strongly advise that you open a new Betfair or Betdaq account so that you can keep your VIP Club Lay Betting separate from your other daily investments.

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Each morning our team look for and identify False Favourites from the days racing. These are horses that (in our opinion) are not as good as the Form, Price and their Assumed Ability suggests. We then email these Lay Tips to you between 9am and 12 noon, Monday To Saturday every week. 

All our VIP Club Lay Tips are PROOFED Daily at RACING INDEX.
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Please make sure that your Paypal Email Is Current as this is the email that we will be sending your VIP Club Lay Tips too. However if you would like us to use an alternative email address , to send your VIP Club Lay Tips too, you will get the opportunity to supply us that address via a link in the “Welcome Email” we send you once you have signed up. 

Please make sure your recurring payments are paid on time. If you skip your payment the service will be discontinued until payment is received.

 If you have any questions please send us a message via the “Contact Us” for on this website.

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