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We’ve received numerous inquiries and requests telling us you would like a service that would provide you more than just the single FREE TIP that is provided via the website.

We have decided to offer a full VIP Service at the very reasonable cost of £22.00 per calendar month. That’s an extra 2 – 4 Lay Tips every day for a month for just £22.00 (or put another way 79p a day). 

All the VIP Club Lay Tips will be delivered to your eMail In-Box by approximately 10:45 am every day. Sometimes a little before and occasionally a little after this time.

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All the Lay Tips will be advised at SPs, published by the Racing Post, and will be lower than 7/2 or 3.5/1 at the time of the eMail.

Your first 5 days are completely FREE!

We are one of the few services that offer Lay Tips with such low SP’s. When using the information we are supplying, we advise that you be aware that many of the Tips will be FAVOURITES, in other words, horses that the Bookmakers fully expect to WIN the race. The upsides of laying horses with a low SP is that you are minimising your losses should the selection win. The downside is that these horses on their previous form, price and assumed ability, are perfectly capable of winning the race. 

Your first 5 days are completely FREE!

Our VIP Club Service
Each morning our team look for and identify False Favourites from the days racing. These are horses that (in our opinion) are not as good as the form, price and their assumed ability suggests. We then email these Lay Tips to you. Take a look at the VIP Club Lay Tips Results: Click Here.

All our VIP Club Lay Tips are PROOFED Daily at RACING INDEX.
Check us out now, we think you will be pleasantly surprised! 

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Remember! Your first 5 days are completely FREE!

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